World of Youth Festival Journal, Costa Smeralda, April 2024


World of Youth Festival Journal, Costa Smeralda, April 2024:

05.04.24: Meeting with the organizers and a tour of Genoa, the capital of the Liguria region. Boarding the ship and familiarization with its facilities.

06.04.24: The group got acquainted with French culture and enjoyed a pleasant day in Marseille. In the evening on the Costa Smeralda, there was a presentation of dance and folk performances in front of the casting jury.

07.04.24: The Costa Smeralda docked in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. Participants were welcomed by beautiful weather, Gaudí’s architecture, breathtaking views, and a tour of the famous Sagrada Familia church. The evening featured a festival performance by folk ensembles, enthusiastically received by the audience who applauded and shouted “Bravo” in support of the young artists. Many were captivated by the Slovakian fujaras, cimbalom, and music.

08.04.24: Sea Day brought an interesting program with the ‘World of Youth’ concert. The entire hall of the open Spanish theater was filled with an audience from around the world. The wonderful atmosphere between the sky and the sea inspired the group Prvosenka to teach Slovak dances to the entire ship of spectators. This was followed by relaxation time in the pool, hot tub, fitness center, and on the slides.

09.04.24: The gala concert of the “World of Youth” festival took place on the modern main stage of the Costa Smeralda and in the Sanremo theater. The festival was presented in six languages. Although the evening program took place on five stages, all theater seats were filled. The festival director Ludmila Žuravleva and the ship’s art manager appreciated the performers. The main prize of the “World of Youth festival” Costa Smeralda 2024 was awarded to the group Prvosenka from Slovakia, leaving unforgettable feelings that participants will carry for a lifetime.

10.04.24: A day full of experiences in Naples, visiting Heraklion and Mount Vesuvius. The evening continued with a show and a night party where youth from Italy, Spain, and Slovakia met.

11.04.24: The last day of the festival offered a chance for complete relaxation: Latin dance with an instructor, sunbathing, fountains, and jacuzzi. Due to a strike in Rome, planned excursions were not possible, but the day was full of relaxation and activities on the ship.

12.04.24: After breakfast, participants of the “World of Youth” festival left the ship and headed home. A week full of inspiration dedicated to dance, folklore, and music became unforgettable.