Results, videos, photos 25.03.23


Congratulations to the performers, thank you to all participants for a colorful dance performance. Thank you choreographers and team leaders for the creativity you give to young dancers.

Special thanks to the parents who support their children and give them a happy childhood.

XIX year of the festival “Holiday of Spring – 2023” as always, became the main dance event for children and youth of the Spring 2023 season.
The Best World Dance Group competition has been an important part of the festival for the past 4 years.
The semi-final of the Best World Dance Group was watched by the entire sold-out hall of the Prague Rok-Opera Theater on March 25. The 700-seat Atrium watched the performers of the Best World Dance Group competition. The wonderful atmosphere, the support of the audience, the magical lights helped the various categories and nominations to show their best performances of the season.


Unique in the Czech Republic, the Best World Dance Group Disney-format competition aims to show dance as an art, to give talented children and youth the opportunity to feel part of a dance performance with expression and movement, ideas that will captivate the audience.
But, of course, the Best World Dance Competition is primarily about interesting choreography performed at a high level.
Therefore, as always, the judges of the Best World Dance Group are world-renowned dance personalities:
1. Dmytro Tenytskyy – Soloist of Ballet ND Praha, Soloist The unique production Kylián – Bridges of Time presents the works of the famous Czech native Jiří Kylián, who undoubtedly became an icon of world modern choreography.

2. Kateřina Radinova Honored artist of Ukraine. She graduated from the Kyiv Choreography School 2 classes earlier than Svetlana Zakharova. Soloist of the Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theater. Prima ballerina in the performances “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Rose”, “Giselle”, “The Nutcracker”, “Fox Painting.” Today, Kateřina Radionova is a teacher at the Prague Dance Conservatory.

3. Federico Ievoli A native of Naples, he received his education at the dance school at La Scala in Italy. As a dancer, he was engaged in the Balletto di Siena under the direction of Marco Batti (2011-2015), where he was appointed soloist in 2013. In 2015, he became a member of the National Theater Ballet, where he worked his way up from the chorus to the position of first soloist, to which he was appointed in April 2021. From the most important roles in the repertoire of modern dance and neoclassical choreographies such as Serenade (G. Balanchine), Gods and Dogs, Petite Mort, Bella Figura, Psalm Symphony (J. Kylián), and many others.

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We look forward to seeing you again next time.

Best regards,
Best World Dance Group team.

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