May 2024 – Best WORLD Dance Group Qualifying Round in Slaný


The preliminary round of the Best WORLD Dance Group for Northern and Central Bohemia took place in Slaný. As announced by the organizer, the best choreographies were to be awarded a grant of 5000 CZK.

The dance competition featured nominations in: contemporary, expressive dance, street, and majorettes, across four categories: children, juniors, teens, and mix.

The jury, known in the professional dance industry, evaluated the participants and included:

  • Kateřina Káka Kvasnicová: Káka is one of the most famous Czech dancers and is active on the dance scene as a freestyler, instructor, and choreographer.
  • Kateřina Radinová: A folk artist of Ukraine. She graduated from the Kyiv Choreographic School two years earlier than Svetlana Zakharova. Soloist of the Kyiv Theater of Opera and Ballet.
  • Natalia Vasina: Ballet master of the North Bohemian Theater.

The jury was thrilled with many of the performances. An incredible 10 points were awarded to:

  • In the Teens Solo/Duo/Trio category:
    • DUO Kseniia Shylo and Yuliia Pukhal in the CONTEMPORARY nomination for the choreography Demons
    • Solo Kseniia Shylo for the choreography Change to mother-of-pearl, coach and choreographer Alexandra Koroleva

This nomination and category were very strong, and each of the mentioned participants fought very well for victory, but they still had stronger competition ahead of them:

  • Solo Maria Polischuk choreography Dernière danse, coach Zora Čillíková – 9.67 points – 2nd place
  • Solo Sofia Jovna choreography Svobodná duše, coach Shuklina Tatiana – 9.33 points – 3rd place
  • Duo Houšková Nikola and Novotná Veronika choreography Bojovnice, coach Lenka Průchová – 9.33 points

The winner of the TEENS formation category was the Street nomination choreography Push it! & Bass di place, coach Kateřina Netřebská – 9.00 points.

In the Mixed Solo/Duo/Trio category:

  • Duo Novotná Veronika and Dinh Phuong Thao Lenka in the CONTEMPORARY nomination choreography Peaceful under the guidance of Lenka Průchová defeated other professional participants and won – 8.33 points – 1st place.

The winner of the Mix formation category:

  • In the CONTEMPORARY nomination choreography Mover, coach Tatiana Shuklina – 9.33 points – 1st place.
  • In the sports show nomination MAJORETTES with the number Harem, coach Zora Čillíková – 8.67 points – 1st place.

The winner of the Juniors Solo/Duo/Trio category:

  • This category also has a soloist with a miraculous 10 points: Solo Glafira Reshtenkova, CONTEMPORARY nomination choreography Memories of the Past, coach Shuklina Tatiana – 10 points.

The jury decided on the 1st place:

  • Duo Dominika Nohelová and Julie Kytková, STREET DANCE nomination choreography Smash the place!, coach Kateřina Netřebská – 8.67 points – 1st place.

The winner of the Juniors formation category:

  • In the sports show nomination MAJORETTES with the number Midnight, coaches Sára Daniová and Iveta Kadeřábková – 9.33 points.
  • In the SCENIC / EXPRESSIVE DANCE nomination choreography Sherlock, coach Tatiana Shuklina – 9.00 points.

In this category, it is necessary to mention many interesting and important choreographies that received 2nd place:

  • SCENIC / EXPRESSIVE DANCE nomination choreography Spanish Women, coach Lilija Doubková – 8.33 points.
  • STREET DANCE nomination choreography I´m good, coaches Josef and Vall Dzurko – 7.67 points.

The winner of the Children Solo/Duo/Trio category:

  • Solo Sonja Žukova, CONTEMPORARY nomination choreography Letter to the future, coach Alexandra Koroleva – 9.67 points – 1st place.

The winner of the Children formation category:

  • CONTEMPORARY nomination choreography Wild Cats, coach Lilija Doubková – 8.33 points – 1st place.

The winning choreography of the Best World Dance Group Slaný 2024 competition: The BEST CHOREOGRAPHY Team trophy and a cash grant of 5000 CZK was awarded to:

  • CONTEMPORARY nomination, Juniors category, choreography In the Rhythm of Our Hearts, choreographer Tatiana Shuklina.

The festive atmosphere of the entire competition was crowned by the awarding of prizes, the cash grant, and the group photos of the participants

At the Best World Dance Group Spring 2024 finals in Příbram, prizes and grants will be awarded for the “Europark Sympathies” festival at Disneyland and the “World of Youth” festival on a cruise ship.

For grant applicants, participation in the Best World Dance Group finals on 15.06.2024 is free!

Check out the photos from the competition!