Appreciation to Participants

We thank the participants of the spring season of the Best World Dance Group BRNO competition on 16.03.24, aimed at dancers from Moravia and South Bohemia. The competition showcased solo, duo, trio, small and large formations, and production teams across 5 age categories and various dance styles, including Acro Dance, Ballet, Jazz Dance, Contemporary, and Show Dance.

Honorary Jury

The jury consisted of Ivana Popová, the lead ballet soloist and master at NdB; Veronika Litterová, a former member of the ballet ensemble of the National Theatre Brno with international experience; and Anastasia Adeeva, the artistic director of the competition, a certified judge of SID and UNESCO, with long-term engagement in the art management of Disneyland and as a casting judge for the MSC and Costa summer companies.

High Level of the Competition

  • Outstanding dance groups and solos showcased their talent in the competition.

Children’s Category

  • Strong competition from the youngest participants.
  • Cup in the Children’s category was won by Alevtina Rashkovska (6 years old) for Acro Dance, under the guidance of Anastasija Iljuško from Vienna.


  • The jury decided among excellent performances.
  • Three performances took the maximum number of points, 10:
    • Show Dance “Giltar Manja” – Klaudie Hospodková.
    • Jazz Dance “Just Together” – Rozy Dvořáková and Klaudie Hospodková.
    • Team choreography “Madagascar” (Jazz Dance) – Aneta Dočekalová and Adéla Součková.


  • The Teens category brought an interesting dance battle.
  • First place for team choreography:
    • “Journey to Safety” (Contemporary) – Jana Valentová and Veronika Kopsa.
    • Solo/Duo Show Dance with an incredible 10 points for “Don’t Believe, Just Watch” – Tereza Talpová and Klára Součková.
    • Contemporary “Heart Cry” for the trio: Stella Fišarová, Jana Václavíková, Lilien Přecechtělová – a unanimous decision by the jury.

Elite Category 16-19 Years

  • Ballet “Evita” – Beata Hrachovcová, the highest number of points 10.
  • Contemporary “Destroying” – Julie Vosmeková and Tereza Marasová, also 10 points.

Mix Category

  • Strongest in team choreographies.
  • First place – “Stand Up” (Contemporary) under the direction of Simona Křenková, maximum 10 points.

Overall Winner and Grant

  • “Rhapsody in Blue” (Show Dance) – choreographers and leaders: Simona and Sylva Křenkové received a grant of 5000 CZK for the best choreography.

Jury Evaluation

  • Strict but positively surprised: The honorary jury was surprised by the high technique and performance of the participants of the Best World Dance Group.
  • Award-winning performances: Performances that won first places and cups were considered interesting both for professionals and spectators.
  • Prestigious stages: Performances deserve appearances on the noble stages of Disneyland and on the luxury ships MSC and Costa.

Significance of the Competition

  • Ivan Popov on significance: Juror Ivan Popov emphasized the importance of the competition in popularizing dance among children and youth.
  • Contribution of choreographers and educators: Thanks to great choreographers and educators participating in the competition, a taste for quality choreography is cultivated.
  • Interest of the wide public: These choreographies interest the wide public and are suitable for the most prestigious stages.