Best World Dance Group 12.10.2022 in Brno


We thank the performers of the semifinals of the Best World Dance Group on 12.10.2022 in Brno for their great performances and amazing choreography.
This time there was an impartial jury that awarded grades according to the strictest criteria.

The competition was attended by the best teams who are not afraid of competition and the opinions of the stars of the dance and theater scene.


Advance to the Disneyland Paris Festivals 2022 Season Finale:

Prague – 8 January 2023


Applications on our website:


The jury of the competition in the lineup:
1. Dmytro Tenytskyy
2. Benjamin Peguero.
3. Moderator of the competition and honorary member of the MgA jury. Diana Velčická Actress.
4. M.Sc. Miroslava Pešíková

The best numbers in styles and categories will be presented in the final of the competition, after which they will go to the most memorable and amazing festival “Sympathy of Europark” in Disneyland.
We wish our participants in the semi-finals and finals to feel like the stars of a Disney fairy tale, and this feeling cannot be compared to anything else and will not be forgotten.

Competition videos:

Competition photo: